Monday, December 24, 2007


Earn 200% Again, Again And Again With Our 1x4 Straight line Matrix! >>
- Invest $5.00 - Receive $10
- Invest $10.00 - Receive $20
- Invest $20.00 - Receive $40
That's right - a ONE TIME spend of $5.00 or $10 or $20 can return you from $10 to $40- NOT JUST ONCE - but OVER and OVER Again!

How It Works >>
Everyone who joins is placed into a straight downline. The next person who joins after you is placed under you and the next person who joins is placed under that person! It ONLY takes 4 entries to cycle!
Everytime 3 new entries join, someone cycles and receives from $10 to $40 (depends of choosen line) plus a FREE re-entry!

Example >>

- Jim joins -
- Patsy joins -
- George joins -
- Steve joins -
- Jim gets $10 plus this FREE re-entry! -

Steve would be the next person to cycle!
Jim received a FREE re-entry so it would only take 3 new entries for Patsy to cycle!


However for those who choose to sponsor, they will receive 10% of all spends of their personallysponsored entries and they will also receive the same 10% on all FREE re-entries!
That right - if you refer someone to this program, you will receive 10% of their spend when they join and the same 10% on each FREE re-entry each time they cycle!

Don't Delay - Join NOW! >>

The next person who joins will be placed under you - regardless who sponsored them! You do not have to wait months for a downline. In fact you will probably have people under you, in the Straight Line, in a matter of a few minutes after you join. The next morning after you join, you will be surprised to see 100’s already in your downline.

All Members Receive The Following >>

Your Own Referral Website - Just Like This One
Access To The Members Site ( Where you can view the entire downline, also see who has cycled, see how many FREE entries each person has, view your personally sponsored people, see where each of your entries are in the downline (paid or FREE), etc. )

FREE Downloadable Product Available >>
You can download more than 20 different scripts and software from your member area.

Join here right now:

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